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See a City
Treasure Hunters solve clues while visiting a city's historical sites. The clues serve as a self-guided tour, and each hunt provides a fun, unique way to see a city.
A letter written by a fictitious historical figure, along with period pieces from the past make our Treasure Hunt Packages feel like a authentic treasure hunt.
Experience a real-life Treasure Hunt
Discover a Treasure
Every treasure hunt ends with a real treasure of gold or silver. Also many customers say the real treasure is the time they’ve spent together solving clues and seeing historical sites.
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  • "We have completed the treasure hunt, and we thoroughly enjoyed it."
    --Jack Lowery

  • "I want to tell you how impressed we were with our recent 'Treasure Hunt' in Washington, D.C. It was a fantastic experience, one none of us, will ever forget!"
    --P. Conway

  • "This was the most fun-filled, feel-good, educational experience that we all enjoyed thoroughly. I've spent more money on an afternoon at the movies & lunch, (that true, we enjoyed), but when it's over, more often than not, it's forgotten. This day was worth every cent (and much, much more) and the memory will last a lifetime."

  • "Thank you for such a fun endeavor & for getting package to hotel so quickly."
    --M.J. Blanchette

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