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James "Deacon" Porter Deadwood Treasure Hunt Package

Gold Rush! Uncover hidden treasure!

Set out on a thrilling adventure to discover your own hidden treasure! This is a fun activity for a family vacation, a date with someone special, or a one of a kind party! It’s great for adults, teens and older children. Explore the following historic landmarks as you solve the clues!

This treasure hunt package has been carefully crafted to look and feel as if it was created nearly a century ago, and then was lost and you just found it. When you open your package you will find a letter written on parchment paper sealed with red wax, along with historical artifacts. These artifacts will help you solve some of the clues. Other clues can only be solved by going to the historic sites listed above. Once you’ve completed all the clues you will use the answers to solve an encrypted message. This message will direct you to the location of your hidden treasure. We hide the treasure, we write the clues. This enables everyone in your group to enjoy the adventure.

You will also receive a guidebook that will give you valuable information about the historical sites such as their location, hours, admission costs and historical details. Also provided are suggestions for additional activities nearby or relative to the historical site. Hints for solving the clues are included as well as the solutions. However the solutions are sealed so that you don’t accidently see the answers.

This treasure hunt takes about 3 to 4 hours. But, if you want to take more time to explore this great town by doing the additional activities, you’ll want to plan on spending a full day or more to do it.

Have fun finding a treasure in “Gold Rush” territory!

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James "Deacon" Porter's Treasure Hunts for 1-8 people
Please choose which type of package you want:

Treasure Package

$147.95 (basic price*)

Treasure Package

$212.95 (basic price*)

*Each package must include one treasure. The basic price is caluclated with 1 vial of gold flakes in the cost, but you can change it or add on to it below for an additional price.

What treasure would you like?
3 inch vial of real gold dust flakes
Real silver dollar from before 1929
Antique Coin Set: silver dollar, half dollar, quarter, dime, nickel and a penny all from before 1929
You can personalize the package by doing the following:
?The clue letter can be addressed to whomever you choose. See "How it Works" for more details. $2.99 $0.00
?Vials come with a label that says “Double Key Treasure Hunts” that you can customize by putting anything you want on it up to 28 characters. See "How it Works" for more details. $2.99 $0.00
The card is 2 ¾ by 3 ½ , you write the text for any sort of message you want. See "How it Works" for more details.


Total: $147.95

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