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About Us

Hi, I’m Becky West. I am the owner of Double Key Treasure Hunts. I live in a small town in Idaho where I have raised my children. When I am not obsessing over Treasure Hunts, I enjoy creating an Eden in my flower garden.

Double Key Treasure Hunts is my baby, so if you give us a call, chances are that I am the one who answers the phone. I am an accomplished artist and I use my artistic talent to create these treasure hunts and the authentic-looking reproductions.

Double Key is a family business. It is a young business, and it is growing rapidly! So, everyone in the family pitches in to make it work. My husband, Darrell, has a degree in travel and tourism. He is my partner and main writer for the business. The entire family is involved putting together kits, making Post Office runs, and putting finishing touches on packages. My oldest son is the official manager for our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We are very “green-minded”.  We strive to use green products and recycle as many of the supplies that we can. We have a partnership with several local businesses to reuse clean packing materials. And, I suppose you could say we are “recycling” the antiques, too!

This business has its roots in the time when I was a stay at home mom. When my children were young, I would carefully plan our vacations. It was my goal to integrate as many fun and interesting educational experiences that I could create. I would endeavor to find ways to incorporate materials that would be of interest to family members of every age. However, my primary goal was to create magical experiences that would strengthen the bonds of family.

We believe that our treasure hunts are valuable resource tools which bring families and other groups of people together, create a vehicle for fun and learning, and facilitate the creation of stronger communication and interpersonal connections.

I hope that all those who participate in a Double Key Treasure Hunt have as much fun as I have had in creating them!

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Our Guarantee

We 100% guarantee your satisfaction. The most important part of every treasure hunt is your enjoyment. If you are unhappy with the contents of the package or unsatisfied with the hunt, please let us know by calling our toll-free number above or contacting us directly.