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Solomon Moore

Salt Lake City will always
be dear to my heart . . .

A town founded by pioneers seeking a new home in the desert is now become a bustling center for growth. Welcome to my hometown, I am Solomon Moore, member of the Double Key Treasure Hunt Society. I am relatively new to treasure hunting but I have quickly learned that a man such as myself has so much more to discover before I buy the farm someday. That's exactly why I created my treasure hunt for you. This town has a beautiful legacy that I would exhort you to find for yourselves.

My treasure hunt is only available for groups up to 8 people, allowing you to enjoy an experience based on closeness as you uncover the secrets of my clues. If Bob's your uncle, then you will find my treasure in no time! If you are heading to the city by the Great Salt Lake, then click the link below and may you have the best of luck.

We will be in a group up to 8 people