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“I want to tell you how impressed we were with our recent "Treasure Hunt" in Washington, D.C. It was a fantastic experience, one none of us will ever forget! We took two of our grandchildren on vacation to D.C. and a Double Key Treasure Hunt was part of our visit. I cannot rave about the experience enough. Each of us (old & young alike) had a great time.

This was the most fun-filled, feel-good, educational experience that we all enjoyed thoroughly. I've spent more money on an afternoon at the movies & lunch, (that true, we enjoyed), but when it's over, more often than not, it's forgotten. This day was worth every cent (and much, much more) and the memory will last a lifetime. We had such fun (nice way to span the generation gap in such a "bonding" way), learned a great deal, and shared excitement when we found the answer to each clue. There were moments of awe and laughter as we trail-blazed together to find the treasure. But honestly, the greatest treasure was the time we spent together just having fun.”

--Patricia M. Conway, Levittown, NY

“Thank you for such a fun endeavor & for getting package to hotel so quickly.”

--M.J. Blanchette, Saint Louis, MO

The Maislins hid their Antique Double Key Treasure Hunt package in the attic. Here are their kids reactions after the "found" it:

"Oh, it's the coolest thing; I think I'm going to faint," said Macie Maislin, age nine. Macie's eleven-year-old sister, Abbie, wasn't so sure. "Maybe we should give this to the police," she said.

"If you choose to go somewhere as a family, it's difficult to find something that everyone will enjoy, but this was different," Beckie Maislin said. "We were all excited about the experience. I don't think we've ever experienced something like that where we're working together as a family to hunt for clues. It was neat to see the kids get involved like that."

“We have completed the treasure hunt, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. My 9 year old daughter was not particularly interested in spending time in the DC museums, but she had a ball with the treasure hunt. We spent a day in each of the three museums! Once we got inside to search for the clues, we got interested in many other areas. We could have spent much more time in each museum.

But, without the hunt to get us there in the first place, we might have missed all three museums.”

--Jack Lowery