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Victor Wellington

I won't beat around the bush
with you, my friend . . .

I have a treasure hidden here in St. Louis and I would be tickled for you to find it. Victor Wellington is my name and the Double Key Treasure Hunt Society is the bees' knees. If you love the thrill of treasure hunting and exploring new places, you can bet your bottom dollar that my treasure hunt will be just what you're looking for! Fun for all ages, my hunts will test your skills as you figure out the clues on an adventure through some of the most famous locales in town.

My brand spanking new treasure hunts are for both groups small and large. So what are you waiting for? Select the group that you would like to be with and you will have the time of your lives. My hat is off to you, good luck!

I will be in a group up to 8 people

I will be in a group 8 to 24